Is This the End Times for Imagine Dragons?

Imagine Dragons ended their last album’s singles with Whatever It Takes. To my mind this is an End Times inspired song. Dan Reynolds, the singer of their lyrics was Mormon or should I say, once a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For brevity I will use the less correct title of Mormons. I believe he still calls himself Mormon and is trying to make the church change its stance on things like welcoming gays and lesbians as just different.

Anyhow, Whatever It Takes takes a very pro End Times Stance with this line: “Everybody praying for the end of time.” You see Mormons think that right now we are actually in the End Times. And Reynolds is declaring in Whatever It Takes his fitness and willingness to go on. It’s important to not confuse the End Times with the Rapture. Mormons do not believe in the Rapture. Instead the End Times are an increasingly dangerous time with war, famine, floods etc. With positive qualities too like the Word being able to spread more easily.

We’ll know the End Times are over when a millennium led by Jesus Christ in New Jerusalem (a city in Missouri) happens that is peaceful and great for its citizens and of course lasts the full thousand years. The End Times are supposed to be a real end to wickedness.

Anyhow, I thought Imagine dragons was done with the End Times after they had already wrote this song about it. But the carryover has made it to the latest singles off the new album.

Natural, the lead off single, has the line, “I can taste it the end is upon us.” I am absolutely sure of this interpretation, mainly because of the choice of the word, “us”.

The interpretation from the second single Zero I am less sure of. The main suspect of a line is “27 years and the end on my mind”. For the sake of this post this line also refers to the end times. It could also refer to the strange coincidence of many famous musicians dying at the age of 27 from Jim Morrison to Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain to Amy Winehouse.

Anyhow I hope Imagine Dragons is not becoming a one subject rock and roll band. Even becoming the more broad categoried Christian Rock Band is generally considered boring by most of the music buying public. The only Christian Rock Band that seemed to have general appeal away from its devotees was Creed and although they crossed over around 2000 to the mainstream, no one seems to want to resurrect that particular band by saying their music was classic of the time.

Yes, Dan Reynolds, you have come out against your church. And the new singles reaffirm your commitment to your religion while also pushing for human rights changes to the doctrine. But I think you should stop right there or your band will get known as a one topic band.

Also remember you are in the entertainment industry and a large part of your fan base doesn’t have the religious views you have. We are terrible because we get bored easily. The legions of us will not all follow you anywhere you roam.