On Vantablack

Vantablack is the most light absorbing pigment available.It absorbs 99.96% of all light that comes into contact with it. Things painted with it seem to be a hole cut out of the universe. It is freaky to behold.

Because of that very freakiness, goths are going to want to get their hands on clothing made with this pigment. It’s just that those who walk around at night in Vantablack are going to be hard to see, especially from a moving automobile. There will be many casualties on the road before the nanny state kicks in.

Expect goths to abandon Vantablack once our various nanny states force them to wear reflectors on top of the Vantablack. Maybe others will be willing to wear the reflectors just not goths.

The criminal element will also not wear Vantablack with reflectors. The largest group of crooks wanting Vantablack outfits will be cat burglars. Which makes me wonder – will motion detectors even be able to distinguish Vantablack from shadows. If so they might be helpless to a cat burglar in head to toe Vantablack. Certainly at night humans will have trouble discerning these same burglars.

The article that I linked to is about a BMW painted Vantablack. It has some interesting stats about black cars and accidents.

Firstly, I grew up in an area that had old order, middle order and new order mennonites. The old order ones drive horse and buggies and live much like the amish. The new order ones are much like normal people. The middle order ones dress like it’s the 1800s and can drive cars. Not any cars. Just ones that aren’t flashy and ostentatious. So they pick the colour black and even have all the chrome of the car painted black just to not be “worldly”.

I never knew they were dying for their convictions. But the statistics for black cars in Australia ought to hold up here and be even worse for middle order mennonites that paint all the chrome of their cars black.

Now, with Vantablack, I am just wondering who is going to be the statistical angel of death to middle order mennonites and is going to tell them even flat black is too flashy. The mennonites will have no choice but to buy Vantablack cars and paint the chrome Vantablack, too. Just look at that BMW in the link painted with Vantablack. Now imagine it with all the chrome being the same colour.

I can only imagine the carnage on the roads. The only way we can stop this possibility is to call Vantablack worldly. It’s just the price of being a good neighbour. And wanting fewer accidents for ourselves on the same roads as these middle order mennonites.