I Got Nothing

For the first time, since I began blogging in 2009, I don’t have a post with something humourous (at larryrusswurm.com ) or at least new to say for the week. So I’ll just tell you why.

Because of my medical state I’ve been sleeping 4 hours more than usual. And when I am awake I’ve been feeling really tired and don’t relish doing anything. To me, my eyes in the mirror just look dead.

But rest assured today I’ve started my new treatment and feel more alive than the last week and a half. It’s just that I am behind in so many things that I didn’t come up with a post. I didn’t even go back to my old files and search out one of my 25 proto posts most of which will still be applicable to my Many Rants site.

So allow me to not be so clever today. Next week I promise a clever post. After all I’ve been right about that 52 x 7 times in a row.

I do feel better today so its not just a bluff. After 7 years I know how to kickstart post ideas. I’ll be new next week. Again I promise.

Nooz Spun Right

I am using the homophone Nooz to represent News. It demands the new name because the examples I will give are just a notch more interesting than the normal news.

I am using three meanings of the word Right but none of them are the political leaning that is used by the average politician. The first reason that I use the word right is to mean correctly. Or Nooz Spun Correctly.

three meanings of the word Right but none of them are the political leaning

The second and third reasons for using the word Right is for the angle and the ‘righty tighty’ meaning of the word. We start with the word Nooz being vertical but as you spin it the ‘righty tighty’ direction for a ninety degree or right angle, you end up with the word Nooz again.

It is my opinion that when you spin nooz correctly it is still nooz. And that is the explanation of the name.