Going Squirrely

I don’t know which natural forces had been responsible for the opening into the cavern, but I appreciated them as I walked through this new entrance.

Here I could bring in my mate and we could start our family.

Proceeding a few steps inside, I wished I had a light. But there was none in here and I had to go by feel.

The cavern was huge, much larger than the home I had made for myself. Here I could bring in my mate and we could start our family.

But… there was sound emanating from down below. I listened for a full half hour. It was not quite the mating song of the mouse, it was much too low pitched for that. But it had that quality. Well at least one of the voices I was hearing did. There were other voices that were more rhythmic sounds. It was fascinating how much change was possible with all this.

Still I decided to move myself in. A few days later I had a full store of food and trails to guide me. This place was also safe from marauding raccoons and other large creatures. The chamber wasn’t high enough for them even if the opening was bigger.

I was fascinated and wanted into this lower chamber.

More of low mice songs played. I was fascinated and wanted into this lower chamber. So I scratched. Maybe one day I would have the secret of the song.

I was inside one day when I heard the large creatures about my opening. I was terrified and stayed as far away as I could get in my chamber. They were fascinated by the opening. Perhaps they wished to spring a trap for me. But I could hear that they were dumb, slow, poor climbing humans. A pounding arose from them and I wondered what it was for. I had heard it before, many times but it was further away. I was so close this time.

Eventually the pounding stopped. And in a short bit I realized that the humans had left. But I was immune to simple trickery. I did not leave until the next morning.

The opening was puzzling. Of course it smelled like humans but this time it didn’t let in even a peek of light. I knew it was day by the sounds I could hear outside. I waited for the humans lying in wait so they could grab at me. Nothing happened for a long while.

I knew I had to go outside. That was where all my food would be. Sure I had some stored but how long would that last. I pushed at the new opening. Something gave and I pushed right out into the bright sunlight.

“SLAM!” went the opening. I jumped a few steps but nothing else happened.

“SLAM!” went the opening. I jumped a few steps but nothing else happened. I decided to get some buried nuts and attempt to store them in my chamber. In only a moment I was back. But the thing that slammed stayed shut. I even felt at it, hoping I could somehow jar it open. Nothing. I scratched at it. Never underestimate scratching. Sometime it can lead anywhere. By that night I realized my new home was done.



Every other year that I’ve lived in my home, squirrels have gotten in between the ceiling and the roof. This is my imagining of what goes on from the squirrel’s point of view.

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